Saturday, April 11, 2009

Round 7 and Easter Fun

Round 7 of my treatment came and finally went. It was the worst round in terms of side effects that I have had. I was really sick for a while and I'm glad to be on my off days. And it worked out great that I will not be on treatment for Easter.

I also realized that I did not include my biopsy results from my surgery in a post. The results were clean and clear. No evidence of cancer!

At school Teya had an Easter egg hunt on Thursday. She had a good time and here are some pictures from the party. I am glad that I work at her school so I can join her parties.

Here are all the kids lined up to go out for the egg hunt. Teya is excited.

Teya on the hunt and with her best friends.


OceanDesert said...

How frickin' cute are all those little ones in bunny ears????

YAY for CLEAR!!! :)

Happy Easter and Spring to you guys!

Lucy Feuerstein said...

Yay for clear biopsy results!!! I'm sorry round 7 was so rough, but glad it's over in time for Easter. I LOVE the pictures....and Teya looks so grown-up!

CB said...

Love the bunny ears! Teya does look quite grown up these days.

Enjoy your off time. Hopefully round 8 will be more tolerable.

Happy Easter!

Miss Melanoma said...

I love the photos! Thanks for that pick-me-up. Hang in there, we're all rooting for you, and you're too damn tough to give in now.
Keep those awesome biopsy results in mind when you're doing round 8, and we'll all be sending positive thoughts your way.


Kalisha said...

So adorable!

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