Monday, February 7, 2011

Feeling Great

A quick post to let everyone know that I am still feeling great.  I had a "check-up" with the fab, Dr. Gordon, last week and everything looks good.  The tumor under my left breast is still tiny.  Dr. Gordon was excited to hear the news (I waited to tell him in person) and said that sometimes when a tumor dies it doesn't completely go away.  Kind of like scar tissue will be left behind.  I had a derm appointment in January and my skin looked normal. (My treatment has been known to cause non-melanoma skin cancers, so this is very good news.)

I'll keep you posted, have a great week!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photos from fundraiser

Finally got around to posting some photos from the race.  You can view additional photos on the Pale Skin Is In Facebook Community page:

Group Photo at Beginning of Race

Teya all bundled up - it was a chilly morning!

The traveling cheerleaders: Me, Teya and Claudia

The guys

The ladies

Another pic of the ladies

Slash and Axle
Chris and Ang ( in from VA for the race)

The Feuerstein Family made a sign - love it!

Jim and Ethan cheering

Cheerleaders: Kaleigh, Tanner and Hunter

Cheerleaders: Lisa, Kaden, Linda, Jordon, Rob, Janie, Reed and Ryan

Group Photo at end of Race

At lunch: Jon, Michelle and Gentry
(Gentry is who designed the logo - he's awesome!)