Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update on Melanoma Warrior

Thank you prayer/positive vibe warriors for taking Chelsea. Adventures with my enemy, into your hearts.  Her surgery went fantastic, she is recovering nicely at home and today she got the best news.  The results are back from the lymph nodes that were removed from her neck and under arm and all are negative for melanoma.  This is such a blessing! This brave young lady has a new outlook on life and I just know she will do amazing things! Congratulations Chelsea!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

FDA Approves New Melanoma Treatment - Yervoy

What an exciting day!! The FDA has finally approved a new treatment for stage III and IV melanoma. It has been 13 years since the last treatment was approved and that was the nasty IL-2 that I did back in September/October that only has a 10% response rate.  The new treatment was called IPI, the new name is Yervoy. I will not be changing my treatment, but I am SO happy that all other late stage warriors have this treatment option as a first line of defense versus a last resort.

Here is an article at Melanoma Research Foundation: http://www.melanoma.org/learn-more/fda-approval-new-melanoma-therapy-changes-landscape-patients

Here is an article from WebMD that has more information: http://www.webmd.com/melanoma-skin-cancer/news/20110325/fda-approves-new-melanoma-treatment-yervoy?ecd=wnl_nal_skin_032511

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prayers for a fellow Warrior

I have been following a young women's blog - Adventures with my enemy . . . Melanoma - her name is Chelsea and she is 23 with stage 3 melanoma. Yes, 23 years old and battling this beast. This young lady is a fighter and has a team of supporters with her, but I would like to send in my troops. She is having another surgery today to remove lymph nodes from under her left arm and right side of her neck. My prayer/positive vibe warriors, you have all done so much for me. I'm now asking that you take a moment to send some to her and her family for calmness and strength today as she goes into surgery and for positive results afterwards (no melanoma). Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Information on Treatments

A fellow warrior, Melanaoma in the City, posted information on the newest melanoma treatments. It is a really good article. Here is the link if you would like to read it. FYI - GSK436 is the treatment I am on.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Great News

CT results are back and they are much better than I imagined they could be. Dr. Gordon called to tell me that overall my tumors shrunk 60%. Some are gone while the rest have shrunk! Wow, there are no words for how happy I am. I was speechless after he told me the news. I expected good results, but not of this magnitude. Poor Todd when I went to tell him I was crying and he thought it was bad news. I was just overcome with emotion and relief I couldn't stop. I had to blurt out, it's not bad news.

I'll post more when I have the details, but for now thank you Lord, prayer warriors and positive vibe senders. What a fantastic day!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Where has the time gone??

Geez, where did the last month go! Well it seemed to fly by, but the good thing is I feel great!  2 months of treament now under my belt.  I have my CT scan scheduled for March 10th. I look foward to the results and see the progress the treatment has made.

I don't think I wrote about my allergic reaction to the contrast dye for the CT scan.  It seems I now am allergic to the dye used during my CT scans.  During the last 2 scans, once the contast dye was injected I got hives all over my body.  I was hot, itchy and miserable.  The reaction during my last CT also included severe pelvic pain.  I was rushed to the hospital via Ambulance as SMIL (CT scan place) didn't know what was happening.  Not fun.  So, now I have to get my scans done at the hospital.  I'll be pre-treated with steriods for 3 days prior which we are hoping will combat some of the reaction.  Let's hope so!

In addition to my BRAF treatment, I began high dose vitamen C (or ascorbic acid).  This is given through an IV.  This treatment is being given to me because it is anti-inflammatory, anti-melanoma and immune system activating.  It also helps the body to resist spread of melanoma.  If you are interested in more information, there are some great lectures at  http://www.riordanclinic.org/education/symposium.shtml.

An update on Vita - I love, love, love Vita!!  I use her at least once per day and have made so many yummy things.  My morning smoothie, peanut butter, almond butter, almond milk, soups and to chop cabbage and cilantro for a salad (this was cool as you place the cabbage and cilantro in Vita and then add water to cover.  Turn it on quick and shut off.  Drain in strainer and you have choopped cabbage and cilantro.).  I love making my own foods!  They taste so much better and there are no yucky added extras to worry about.