Friday, March 25, 2011

FDA Approves New Melanoma Treatment - Yervoy

What an exciting day!! The FDA has finally approved a new treatment for stage III and IV melanoma. It has been 13 years since the last treatment was approved and that was the nasty IL-2 that I did back in September/October that only has a 10% response rate.  The new treatment was called IPI, the new name is Yervoy. I will not be changing my treatment, but I am SO happy that all other late stage warriors have this treatment option as a first line of defense versus a last resort.

Here is an article at Melanoma Research Foundation:

Here is an article from WebMD that has more information:

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Chelsea said...

How exciting were you when you heard?! I am meeting with my oncologist on April 22nd to begin the paperwork...Since I am stage III, I will be entered into the trial. Guess we will see! :-)