Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prayers for a fellow Warrior

I have been following a young women's blog - Adventures with my enemy . . . Melanoma - her name is Chelsea and she is 23 with stage 3 melanoma. Yes, 23 years old and battling this beast. This young lady is a fighter and has a team of supporters with her, but I would like to send in my troops. She is having another surgery today to remove lymph nodes from under her left arm and right side of her neck. My prayer/positive vibe warriors, you have all done so much for me. I'm now asking that you take a moment to send some to her and her family for calmness and strength today as she goes into surgery and for positive results afterwards (no melanoma). Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

Prayer's are on the way. Lord here are prayer.

melissa said...

I'm on it. prayers going up.

Anonymous said...

Prayers on the way!!!


Chelsea said...

Thank you everyone for the prayers. I am SO excited to confirm that they worked--God listened!

Tina, we are both so lucky to have "met" such awesome people who have been some of our biggest supporters, huh?