Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photos from fundraiser

Finally got around to posting some photos from the race.  You can view additional photos on the Pale Skin Is In Facebook Community page:

Group Photo at Beginning of Race

Teya all bundled up - it was a chilly morning!

The traveling cheerleaders: Me, Teya and Claudia

The guys

The ladies

Another pic of the ladies

Slash and Axle
Chris and Ang ( in from VA for the race)

The Feuerstein Family made a sign - love it!

Jim and Ethan cheering

Cheerleaders: Kaleigh, Tanner and Hunter

Cheerleaders: Lisa, Kaden, Linda, Jordon, Rob, Janie, Reed and Ryan

Group Photo at end of Race

At lunch: Jon, Michelle and Gentry
(Gentry is who designed the logo - he's awesome!)

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