Saturday, May 9, 2009

Teya's New Bed

I went shopping at Ikea for the first time last weekend. Wow, that was an experience. Anyway, Teya had outgrown her toddler bed, so Todd, Teya and I went looking for a new bed for her. We were successful and found one that we all liked. It has a mattress sort of like a futon, but thicker and the head of her bed comes up into a semi sitting position. It is really cool. She got a new sheet set and of course it is pink. Also, the quilt that my Aunt Shelly made will look great on her new bed (it is still one of Teya's favorite blankets).

Teya in her new bed.
In this photo you can see the curtains that her
Grammy (Penny) made for her room. They are beautiful.

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