Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dirty Dozen - Shopper's Guide To Pesticides

Many of you have asked about what I eat and what products I use and why.  I can always tell you what, but most of the time I can't remember exactly why.  I've done lots of research with books and online information and I do what I believe to be the best for me and my family.  As I come across some of the articles and information that have impacted my decisions I'll post them on my blog.  This will help me organize my information and hopefully they will be useful to you as well.

Here is one of them about fresh produce:

I buy as many of my fruits and veggies organic as I can, but I can't always find them.  Here is a list that I use as my guide.  It is "The Shopper's guide to pesticides" and it lists the top 12 dirtiest and 15 cleanest fruits and vegetables.  For a full list, click on the "full list" tab in yellow to see where your favorites are on the list.  This list really helped me when I began switching over to organic.  I began with the dirty dozen and made my way further down the list.  It felt easier doing it slowly.  I hope it gives you a place to start as well. 

Also, buying organic is not significantly higher in  price.  I buy everything we need with at least 50% of our produce as organic and spend the same amount at the grocery store as I did before when I stayed away from the organic section.  What has helped our bill is reducing the amount of meat that we buy.  I'll get more into that topic in another post.

Happy Shopping!

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