Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer - It's Time for Sunscreen

It is almost summer time - well, for AZ it is summer - so it is time to start thinking about sunscreen.  I wear sunscreen all year around, but I'm sure most people do not, so this is my reminder to you to lather up.  It is recommended that we use a broadband (UVA and UVB protectant) of at least SPF 30.  You need to apply 10 - 15 minutes BEFORE going into the sun.  Your sunscreen will have the recommended time.  You will then need to re-apply EVERY 2 hours.  There is no sunscreen that will protect all day. The highest UV times are 10am - 4pm. During these times it is important to either find shade (clothing, umbrella, tree, etc.  you get the picture) or put on sunscreen and re-apply.  It is very important to re-apply so I am saying it twice.

Also, there is a lot of talk about Vitamin D lately and I believe we are in a state of low Vitamin D levels as we as a society have gotten good at applying sunscreen and finding shade - Good for Us!  After my diagnosis, my primary doc tested my level and I was extremely low.  I am now taking a high level of supplements.  I do try to get some Vitamin D from the sun, but it makes me nervous so I normally rely on my supplements.  I came across an article that I thought was really informative about Vitamin D.  Read here: .

So have fun this summer, just please try to be safe and protect your skin, body and health.


OceanDesert said...

Tina, my Vit D was also recently very low... They put me on an 8 day 'boost' and I am going to recheck it in 2 months.. what supplement are u using? xo

Tina Sullivan said...

I'm glad you got yours checked. I use a liquid, Sprouts brand, and am taking 4000 IUs a day per my doc.
(This dosage isn't for everyone. Please consult with your doc for a dosage that is right for you.) Make sure your supplement is for D3. That is the only Vitamin D that provides us what we need.

Sharlene said...

Thanks for the information Tina! I've not been in the sun much and always turn to my sister (who had skin cancer years ago) for the 'right' kind of sunscreen. I too am Vit D deficient and am on a D3 supplement recommended by my doctor, but am always interested in new ways to 'intake' it!!
HUGS and happy spring/summer!! :)