Sunday, September 12, 2010


I got my results for my scan Wednesday about 15 minutes after the scan, but have not posted them as I hadn't yet spoken with my mom. The results were not good. I have 3 blood clots on my lung and a few suspicious spots. I had to get on a blood thinner right away and I will be taking it for a few months to prevent further clots.  The clots should dissolve on their own, but there is a chance that they can move around (i.e. brain and cause a stroke).  For this first week, I have to give myself shots - one in the morning and one at night as well as take a pill (warfarin or coumadin as you may have heard of). The shots work right away and the pill takes 5 - 7 days to begin working, so that is why the docs put me on the shots right away. After the first week, I'll only have to take the pill and I'll have to get blood work done weekly to manage the amount of warfarin that I will need to take.

Not sure about the spots yet. I see Dr. Hersh this coming Wednesday and hopefully he'll have some additional information for me regarding the spots as well as his recommendation on treatment. This hit me pretty hard and I had a hard time dealing with the news - I'm still processing it actually.  Also, I'm not sold on this warfarin solution.  I consume a lot of green leafy veggies and when you are on a blood thinner you are advised not to consume a large quantity of these veggies as it has an adverse effect on the medication.  Basically our liver produces proteins that helps our blood clot and vitamin K increases the amount of proteins that are produced.  Green leafy veggies have a high amount of vitamin K.  Warfarin works to produce a lower number of blood clotting proteins, so in order for the drug to work properly vitamin K should not be consumed in a large quantity. 

I consume a large amount of green leafy veggies as they are known cancer fighters. I am not comfortable with reducing the amount of cancer fighting foods in my diet.  It scares me actually.  I believe that I have been able to fight off my cancer so far because of the changes I have made in my diet.  I know my cancer has returned since my diet changes I made 2 years ago, however, it was contained to one location.  I truly believe that my fight against cancer does not end with surgery or western medicine/treatments.  I fight each day with what I consume, trying to keep my stress level low (this one seems to be the hardest) and activity - yoga and just moving in general.  Because of this I am going to find someone to help me manage all of this as it is too much for me to do alone.  I am going to be looking for a Naturopathic Doctor - someone who will incorporate western medicine and nutrition.  If anyone knows of a good one in the Phoenix area, please let me know.  I would much rather see someone with a referral if possible.

I'll post an update once I see Dr. Hersh on Wednesday.  Please do not expect a post on Wednesday as my appointment isn't until 3pm AZ time.  It is a 2 hour drive there and back, so I most likely will not update my blog until Thursday.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and prayers/positive vibes.


melissa said...

praying for peace and knowlege.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you have more to deal with. I will keep you in my prayers.
Aunt Kathy

Anonymous said...

Tina - lots of prayers for you! You are so strong & with such a positive attitude. This is one more chapter in what will be a long happy life and as you have conquered the other chapters, you too will conquer this one too!


wendeeB said...

I think it's a fantastic idea that you are looking outside of typical american cancer treatment. Gerson treatment is a great place to start. Dr Nan Wu, I'm not sure if he's near you or not, has amazing books on traditional chinese medicine and it's ability to help fight cancer. I have been following you and wish you the utmost clarity in your decisions.

Blanca said...

Hi Tina!
The Wellness Community has many great resources. Call them or go the site--I learned a lot there and Ray and I received a lot of support and resources there. You may also want to use Virginia Piper Cancer Center in Scottsdale as a resource. Dr. Daniel Von Hoff of TGEN is also a great resource. Always sending positive thoughts and prayers your way--every day!!!Godspeed. Blanca

Anonymous said...

Tina- I will keep you in my prayers, you have proven your ability to fight this...Stay Strong!

Robin Ludwig

Anonymous said...

there are legions of prayers being said for you my dear friend...your courage and strength will get you over this hurdle you!