Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Port is coming out

So, today is the day.  My port is being removed.  I'm so happy to get rid of this thing! Change of plans though. Poor Claudia's car broke down yesterday, so CB is going with me til my procedure and then Todd is picking me up.  It is a day long process.  I'm checking in at 9:30 and the procedure is scheduled for 11:30.  The port removal should take about an hour and then I'll have an hour of recovery at the hospital before I can go home, so I'll be there til around 2:30 today. Can't wait for the day to be over and be port free!!  Also can't wait to drink something and eat something.  I have to fast and I'm SO thirsty and hungry.  Ugh!  Anyway, I'll let you all how it goes.


Chelsea said...

Thinking of you today! Hope everything went well.

Anonymous said...

Great news...hope all went well yesterday.

Rose said...

Finally got a Google account making sure its working. Love ya
Oh I think the picture and name will let you know who I am.