Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clean Scan

I got my results for my CT Scan and bloodwork yesterday and everything came back clean and normal. Those are two words I love to hear. Nothing but healthy organs showed on my CT Scan. Even my lung has healed from surgery. We were keeping an eye on a spot which we thought was scar tissue from the surgery - it is now gone. Every month I get bloodwork to determine the function of my liver and kidneys - my treatment can be hard on both - as well as a LDH, which is a test that looks for tissue damage which could mean cancer. All 3 tests came back normal. I am so happy!


OceanDesert said...

We are So happy with you, Tina!

love and hugs!!

Lucy Feuerstein said...


The Lasker's said...

GREAT news, Tina! So happy to hear it!

Jon Martin said...

Congrats Tina!!! That is great news!!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news! I pray for you every day and I believe God is creating a miracle in you. You are a blessing to this world and will be able to share something special as your future brightens...:)

God bless you and yours always,

Somer Love said...

AWESOME!!!!! So Happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Everyones prayers are working
Your angels are watching over you as you are now CLEAN.
Everyone will continue to pray you clean at God's speed.
Your number one fan,

Anonymous said...

Clean is good. Happy to hear, you're doing great !!