Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last shot of my treatment

On Monday August 24th I gave myself my last shot of my year long treatment. I am so glad to be finished. It was a long, tired, achy & foggy year. Next week I have my every 3 month CT Scan & every 6 month MRI of brain. I'll know the results sometime the week of September 7th. I'm thinking clean and clear.


OceanDesert said...

YAAAAYYY!!! Did ya go out and celebrate??!! I think I would! :)

Let us know when you think you might be able to do another girl's lunch!!

Jon Martin said...

CONGRATS!!!! Glad to hear you are done with the treatment!

CB said...

At last... I hope a feeling of normalcy returns soon. I know it has been a long year for you. I predict lots of energy and good times ahead!

Sara and I definitely missed you at lunch. Let us know when you are up for it again! :-D