Monday, September 21, 2009

August Events

I know we are late in September, but August was a big month for Teya and I have finally gotten around to writing about it. Not only did she turn 5, she also began Kindergarten. Teya had a double birthday with 2 parties in the same day. It was tiring, but Teya enjoyed herself. Her first party was with 5 of her girlfriends from her pre-school. They played some party games and decorated cupcakes.

Her second party of the day was with our group of friends/AZ Family. We swam, grilled and had a pinata. Fun was had by all!

The Monday following her party, Teya began Kindergarten. Teya was a bit nervous, as was I, but she did great her first day and has loved it ever since.

Teya having breakfast with Kitty

Teya in front of her school
Teya with Daddy
She found her cubby and name tag

Her seat

Me at her seat

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