Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some good news!

Finally remembered to call my doc and got my MRI Results which were good - NED (no evidence of disease).  Yipee!! I needed some good news.  Thank you God for keeping my brain healthy!

I have an appointment with a new doc on Friday.  His office is also running the clinical trial that the Arizona Cancer Center docs want me in.  Good thing is he is in Scottsdale, about 15 minutes from home.  I'm hoping to get a recommendation from this guy and not just information regarding the trial.  I did hear back from one of our friend Jaci's contacts at UCLA and he is recommending I pursue a more recent treatment.  (Can't say it enough - thanks Jaci!!) I am definately on board with this type of thinking.  It is just trying to find the drugs/trial I need.  He gave me some things to ask my doc in Tucson and I look forward to getting the answers on Tuesday when I travel down there.  I have been unable to get an appointment at Mayo until 12/30 which I think will be to late.  I'm not sure I am comfortable waiting that long to begin a treatment.

Other than waiting around for docs to call, I still feel great!  Went to yoga last night and it was amazing.  Just what I needed.  Can't wait for tomorrow night's class already.

I'll update again after my appointment on Friday.


CB said...

FANTASTIC news!! And how wonderful that Jaci had a contact for you. Good vibes for good appointments!

The Lasker's said...

So happy about this good news! The Lasky family is pulling for you and thinking of you often!

Linda said...

Wonderful news!!! Look forward to seeing you on Sat!

Anonymous said...

N-E-D! N-E-D! Excellent news!

Tanna said...

Oh Tina, that's fantastic...and I'm really hoping and praying you can stay in Scottsdale for your treatments! Keep us posted..thanks!

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! I will definitley continue to pray for healing and also for the doctors to get you in much sooner.

Love ya,
Carrie Venz