Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Procedure completed...

Quick update on Tina's procedure this AM...Todd here...

Seems all went pretty well. They were able to get 2 seperate stents into her colon, which covered the majority of the affected area. While there was still a tiny bit that was not covered by a stent, he was very happy with the results so that is good news! It was really important to get this procedure done so we can get Tina back on the road to recovery, so we are very thankful it went well! As always, thanks for the thoughts and prayers...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Todd for keeping us updated. So glad the procedure went well. Please give Tina (and Teya, Rose and yourself) all my love and prayers. She is one incredible fighter! And if you need ANYTHING, at ANYTIME, just let us know!


Jon Martin said...

AWESOME news! Thanks for the update! We will keep praying for more healing and strength for Tina!

Anonymous said...

So Excited the procedure went well. We are continuing to pray for our fighter Tina. What an inspiration she is.

Carrie Venz

melissa Lafleur (hale) said...

keepin on prayin. and praying hard!

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers and faith with hope attached!
Kristen Weisenburger

Lucy Feuerstein said...

Todd, Thanks for the continued updates when Tina can't provide them. So glad to hear all went well this morning!!!

Rob said...

We are so grateful to learn the doctors were able to identify a course of treatment and that the procedure went well. Sending our love and prayers.


Alicia said...

Good to hear and thanks Todd for keeping all of us updated! Thoughts and Prayers!!

Linda said...

Thanks for the update. We continue to send our strength, support and love Tina's way.

Anonymous said...

Tina is in my thoughts and prayers everyday!!!!!!!!!!


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