Sunday, May 22, 2011

Welcome to the Home of Team Pale Skin Is In

Friends and Family have created a Foundation support me. Below is an excerpt from the home page.

Welcome to the Home of Team Pale Skin Is In

Simply stated, we are family and friends of Tina Sullivan who are united in support of her battle against stage IV Melanoma.

Tina is fighting valiantly and it is our vow to stand beside her. We share her discomfort, we share her joys. Most importantly, we ask that you join us. We have created Team Pale Skin Is In to serve as a foundation for which funds will be raised to assist the Sullivan family with medical expenses, treatment programs and other expenses incurred related to her fight. All proceeds go directly to the Sullivan family.

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Anonymous said...

Pale skin is awesome but hard to maintain in southern california. I get tanned very fast, i am mexican but its weird i burn then it turns into a tan this happens in lessthan 5 minutes being outside