Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The latest update on Tina...

I know many of you have been asking, so a quick update of the latest information for you...

It started on Saturday night, when Tina's heart rate skyrocketed to almost 200, so they rushed her down to ICU and tried to get her heart rate back in check. They did an Echocardiogram on her heart to see what was going on, the result was they found out the ejection fraction (the pumping function of the heart) was only about 15-17%, where a 'normal' heart is 50-60%.

The critical issue is she will not be able to survive if they can't get that percentage up, and we have been told this isn't really something that can 'improve' - so we don't really know what the next step is. While they really don't know what caused the problems, they think it might have been caused by her latest Chemo, DTIC (Dacarbazine). Unfortunately, Chemo isn't smart enough to just target the cancer; it works on all organs in the body. Bottom line is, the heart has become the biggest issue - if that can't be figured out, it doesn't matter what is happening with the cancer...

The good news is on Sunday, she was able to move out of the ICU and back up to a regular hospital room so Teya is once again able to visit. As for the next steps, we are pushing to get checked out of the hospital, hopefully as soon as tomorrow, and try to set up hospice at home. Tina just doesn't think she can fight like she will need to cooped up in a hospital room, and we all agree. Nothing like being home! We talked to the 'Hospice of the Valley' today, and as long as we can get checked out of here, we have them on board to get us all set up at home so they can help us care of her, and get back on the path to fighting this disease. Note though, while Tina's surrounds might have changed, her condition hasn't, so still no visitors - hope everyone understands...

As for Tina, she is an amazing person...and I can’t express the strength and fight she has. There have been a number of times where Doctor's have seemed to be ready to put her on 'Comfort Care', and just let everything play out. Talking with her though, they always change their minds when they see the strength and drive she has. It is amazing. She is actually very much at peace with what is going on. No pity, no 'feel sorry for me' attitude. She says she can defiantly feel all the prayers that everyone is sending her way, and helps to give her the peace and strength that she has.

Finally, thank you to everyone for the fund raisers, yard sales, lemonade stands, etc. as people try to raise money for Team Pale Skin Is In. It is amazing generosity that all of you have displayed, and it is much, much appreciated to alienate a huge burden on our family. Also, thank you for all the prayers, kind words, calls, emails, texts, etc. While we might not be able to get back to each of you individually, know that we appreciate it. Know as much as you are thinking of us, we are thinking of you…we have an amazing network of family and friends...


OceanDesert said...

Thank you for the update, Todd. We are behind you guys all the way. Get home and be comfy, T... It makes a world of difference. Tarra is dedicating our Thursday p.m.'s yoga class to you again.. I hope you feel our strength and love we are sending you, while at HOME. LOVE, love, love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Todd. I continue to pray for you, Teya and Tina every day. I never met Tina but I am amazed at Tina's strength and spirt -- and a positive attitude helps so much to heal. It's easy to see why so many people love her.

Cheering for you over here and you will all remain in my prayers,

Anonymous said...

It's no surprise that Tina has amazed her doctors with her perseverance and determination. She, and your family, continue to amaze us all. Love, prayers, hope, and strength coming your way.


Lucy Feuerstein said...

So glad to hear that Tina can be at home to fight this and that Teya will be able to be with her. We are of course still praying like crazy for all of you!

Anonymous said...

I only know Tina through her blog (as I came across it when dealing with my own melanoma scare) and I have been praying so hard for Tina & the whole family. Tina seems like such an amazing & inspiring woman... I continue to pray for her every day. She has a lot of people pulling for her & sending prayers her way...

Partridge family said...

Tina is an inspiration to all of us that know her personally and only know of her through her blog. She has taught us to never give up! Our love, support and prayers are always with you.
Linda, Scott, Skyler and Jordan

Anonymous said...

Thanks Todd. You do have a good number of friends and family that want to help. Let us help if we can. Stay positive. You're a good man Charlie Brown, and Tina is a very strong and amazing woman. You will continue to be in our prayers.
BM, Chelsea, & Jaelyn

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Tina's an amazing, strong woman. All of us at PFT are praying hard and sending positive vibes.

Karla Brunson

Diane said...

You are a blessing to Tina and Teya, Todd (our nephew-n-law). Thanks for the updates. We so want to be there for Tina. This helps us to be there in a way. Our thoughts are with you and your family every waking minute. Give Tina a kiss from Uncle Art and Aunt Diane.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. I pray constantly for Tina and your family. Tina is amazing and God has used her for His good. I pray that He still has some amazing plans for her here on this earth.
In His love,

The Armbrusts said...

A great big hug around you Todd, Tina and Teya. We think of you guys every minute and send lots of love your way.
Amanda, Chris, Kierstin, Atiana & Ayden

Chelsea said...

Tina was the first uplifting blog I found when I got diagnosed in January. Her constant positive attitude continues to amaze me!

I have been thinking of you all since Tina's Mom posted the prayer request. I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. So hope you are able to get Tina HOME soon!

Kathy Diab said...

Thank you for the news about Tina. That's the Tina we know and love, fighting all the way! My family is praying for all of you.
Being home is always good medicine for the soul.

Kathy Diab

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing an update. Tina is the strongest, most remarkable person I know - but Todd, don't sell yourself short. You, Teya, Rose and the entire family are doing wonders for Tina as well.

Tina is so determined and the power of her mind and strength can overcome whatever is put in front of her! Will continue to pray for Tina and the entire family. Love you all.

Anna, Paul, Ryan, Kailey, Michael & Matthew

Jennifer said...

Please know that you are in my thoughts....I briefly knew Tina from school...our children were in the same class. Her and I shared a few laughs together and I really enjoyed conducting a few class parties with her. Please keep us posted.

Jennifer Mattox

Anonymous said...

Tina, You are an inspiration to so many. I will NOT stop praying for you and your family and thank you for the updates.

If you need anything...please please just say the word.


Stephanie Scheel said...

Us Scheels are thinking of you and sending prayers, love and hope your way. Here are some words someone gave me when my dad was fighting this horrible disease a few years ago. I really loved it and I hope you all do too...

Cancer is so limited...
It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot corrode faith
It cannot destroy peace
It cannot kill friendship
It cannot suppress memories
It cannot silence courage
It cannot invade the soul
It cannot steal eternal life
It cannot conquer the spirit

Hang in there Sullivan Family. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I know with all my heart that being Positive is so very important. I continue to be praying for Tina, this fight is not over. Us Quade blood is stubborn and Thank you God for that. That is how we are strong and we will not give up. Love you guys so much.

Carrie Venz

Anonymous said...

We will continue prayers of comfort and strength for Tina, you, and Teya. Brad W

Anonymous said...

Todd, Tina and Teya ~ please know that you all have been and will continue in our prayers. You all are such an inspiration to us of your courage and strength. We are Amy Vogel's parents ~ we love you ~ our prayers continue!! Love, Mona and Ken Ziegler, Bismarck, ND

Anonymous said...

Praying, Praying, Praying for you Tina. You are such a beautiful person. My daughter, Drea was in your class 2 years ago and she talks about you often. Apparently, you have beautiful Valentine's Day parties. You make a lasting impression on those kiddies:-) Thank you! Stay strong and know that everyone is cheering you on. Nancy

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