Friday, July 15, 2011

Michigan Update from Mom

Tina's first couple of weeks in MI went fairly well. Tons of changes for the Sullivan family for sure. Todd and Teya seemed to have settled in quite well. Tina has a first floor room in our home. She can see the water from her room and the living room. Tina enjoys spending some time on the deck which over looks a lake. Teya swims a lot and loves the speed boat. Todd is learning to drive the speed boat with dad skiing and mastering his own boarding skills.

Tina had to have an abnormal tap last Friday. The Hospital was able to remove 7-lbs of fluids, which brought much needed relief. Since the tap Tina has had some very good days and some bad ones. But with all the prayers we are thankful that the good days are out weighing the bad.

Today marked another start of a new challenge Tina is taking on. She began some small exercises to try and increase her strength in her legs and arms and over all body. I am very proud of her and believe she did a very good job. She has been doing some strengthen but is now working even harder. A good friend of mine brought over a walker with wheels and a seat on it. The walker truly made major changes in Tina's ability to walk more. Funny how simply things can truly change one's life.

She is surrounding with lots of family and friends. We never know who's stopping by for a visit: brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, niece's, nephews and friends. Even a sheriff stop by for a visit ha-ha her uncle. Tina's aunt comes now every Wed and spends the day with her and gives mom a much needed day off. Big hugs go out to her and those of our friends and family who have step up to take time out of there precious days to become part of Team Pale Skin is in.

One last bit of news while Todd continues to work out of the RV we all travel to MI in. He and Teya will have a new home by the first of the month. My husband and I bought the house next door to us and they will have a place to call home in MI. Teya says she can't wait to move in.

Well that's all for now, thank for all your love, prayers and support. Tina still feels it all and hopes one day soon she will be able to speak with you directly.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the wonderful update Rose. I'm glad to hear the good days outnumber the bad for Tina and how perfect that the house next door opened up at just the right time! Hopefully I can come visit one of these days soon! Love, CB

Jon Martin said...

Always nice to hear good news! Keep up the good work work Rose!

Sending all of you love and prayers from AZ!

Anonymous said...

God just seems to know when to open long has Rick wanted to buy that house? I can hardly wait to see you all at the end of the month. I still pray for you every day and many people pray for you that do not even know you...I add prayer warriors every chance I get by sharing your story.
With all my Love...Aunt Kathy

orlanka said...

Great to hear some amazing progress from Tina, scary to hear that Todd is driving a speed boat!

You're not too far from Missouri so may have to plan a trip and visit.

In the meantime, love and prayers for you all. Tina you really are amazing!

- Eric

Anonymous said...

Rose - thanks so much for the update! It is good to hear that Tina is having more good days than bad & it sounds like Teya has settled right in. Also glad that you are able to take a well needed break - it is so nice that Tina is surrounded by the love & support of her family.
Many prayers your way.

ErinMay said...

I was just thinking of you guys. Thanks so much for the update. Continued thoughts and prayers for you guys!

Lucy Feuerstein said...

So nice to hear a happy update!!! Praying extra hard that the good days continue to outweigh the rough ones. Congrats on the new home...sounds like it'll be perfect!

Anonymous said...

Tina, we are still continuing to pray for healing and always your comfort. We love you so much

Carrie Venz

Alicia said...

How wonderful to read this update Rose! Thank you for taking care of our girl-you are the best! Thank you as well for keeping us all posted when you get a chance! Tina, here's to more good days ahead!!

Anonymous said...

We love you Tina - Pray for your well being all the time. So glad your all here in Michigan... Wednesday is my day and a honor for me.....
Aunt Shelly

Anonymous said...

Amazing and thanks for the update. I don't know Tina but I know Todd from high school and we have kept in touch over the years. Cancer is always hard, but I have been impressed by Tina's strength, support system and the love surrounding all of you. I continue to pray for all of you on a regular basis. I am glad things are seem to be better than worse even though I am sure it is still difficult. All of you are such a positive force. It is inspiring...

~ Melanie

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