Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another day...

Today, some good news was Tina did get her epidural taken out, but it has caused her pain level to increase a good bit. Since she wouldn't have it at home, they wanted to see where her pain level was without it. While it seemed the last few days it wasn't really doing anything, after it was out and the last bit of medicine finally wore was obvious it was doing something :) We still think the tubes are still causing a good amount of her pain, so once those are removed, we hope the pain decreases a good bit.

Oh, the 96 year old neighbor? Seems she was good last night, so Tina was able to get a good night sleep last night. The neighbor did sleep all day, so even the nurse joked that who knows about tonight!

The big thing today was we were hoping that her drainage tubes were going to be able to be pulled today, but unfortunately, it didn't happen. Dr. Goldstein came in and after checking them out, decided it would be best to keep them in for another day. He would come back in the morning and take them out, and she could go home afterwards. With the original plan we thought was going to be able to have Tina heading home on Saturday, but that is kinda up in the air. While Dr. Goldstein said she can go home afterwards, others have said that she needed 24 hours after they are removed before she could go home. Hopefully that is not the case, as we all...especially Teya...really wants her to come home!


CB said...

So the epidural was doing something afterall ... sorry Tina's feeling the pain. Hopefully it will pass soon. Hang in there Tina!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you all and hope Tina gets out of pain soon! Todd let me know if you need anything and if Tina is up for visitors I would love to bring you guys dinner next week when she gets out of the hospital! Love you!