Saturday, September 20, 2008

Out for fun and Special Thanks

Todd and Teya will be attending a birthday party today for Alexis and Atianna (friend's of ours daughters are both turning 1). It will be good for Todd and Teya to get out today and have some fun. I wish I could go with them, but I'm just not ready yet. There is still to much pain and besides, I can't wear a bra ;) My friend Claudia is coming over to keep me company. I am looking forward to her visit.

Speaking of visitors, I wanted to say thank you to CB & Jon and Ang for coming and visiting me in the hospital. It was nice of you to visit. My family appreciated the break and I loved the company. I want to send a special thanks to CB for making me snacks & bringing me dinner! The hospital food was good, but not even close to the food you brought. You have been so supportive with my new "diet" and have given me so many delicious recipes. Thanks!

Thursday night Linda and Skyler came for a visit. Skyler made me a Get Well card. As most of you know, I love home-made cards and his was very special. It was great visiting with Linda and Teya & Skyler, of course, had a great time. The two of them are great friends and play really well together. Thanks for the visit!

Here are some pictures from my hospital room.
Before surgery

This one is the first day out of ICU.


And, these were my last day, all showered and ready to go home.

I am behind on my thank you cards, so I would like to send a quick "Thank You" to Bob and Heidi for the flowers you sent before my surgery. They were beautiful and really helped to keep me smiling. Thanks also to all of you who have brought & sent cards and flowers since my surgery. They are decorating my living room and keep my spirits high. The Sweats sent an edible fruit bouquet. What a great idea and very yummy, thanks!

Thanks everyone!


OceanDesert said...

Tina, you look FAB!!! You'll be back at the birthday parties in no time!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sara ... you look totally FAB!! I think you and Sara should both be poster children for lung surgery. I guess it's the peace of mind that comes with the "afters" of lung surgery that puts the beautiful smile and peaceful look on your faces.

See you soon! :-)


P.S. A little tip for you...If you want to go to parties but are worried about the "no bra" thing...just got to parties in Scottsdale where that's what's expected!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina! I am so glad that you are feeling better and yes you do look fab!! I am going to call you this week to see if I can come up for a visit!! I am going to get some cooking tips from Cathy so i can bring you dinner if you will have me :o) Teya had so much fun at the party yesterday! It was great to see her and Todd but you were missed! We were all thinking about you! Maybe we could all do a girls night in at your place if you feel up to it?!? Love you!!


Miss Melanoma said...

Hi Tina,
Thanks for commenting on my blog and letting me know you're out there in cyber-land blogging about melanoma, too. I added you to my blog roll and I'm enjoying getting to know you! You look great and I am inspired by your great attitude in the face of surgery and such. Awesome! Keep us all posted and best of luck to you!


Brent Baker said...

Tina, I am so glad to see you doing and looking so well!! The Baker Family (Brent, Lisa, Kyla-6, and Roman-9mo) is all pulling for you and have you in our prayers and thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to post on the blog and letting everyone know how things are going.