Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Got a room for rent?

As it is now about 24 hours after the surgery, Tina seems to be doing better and better as time goes on. She is still having pain, but it is not as bad now, and the drugs are defiantly helping. She had a quite night, apart from the noise and constant in and out of doctors and nurses, and the 5am chest x-ray ( you really need to take an x-ray at 5am ?!?), but she was able to sleep a bit. She had a great overnight nurse Megan who let Tina's mom spend the night with her, and even helped her get a bed set up with extra blankets and pillows! Why can't they all be like Megan?

We did get a visit from her Surgeon Dr. Goldstein today, and he said she was doing great. The chest x-ray looked great, and he said everything else looked good to. He even said that the drainage tubes that are in her chest/lungs might be able to come out in the next day or so, which would greatly decrease the pain she is experiencing. We had a good laugh when he asked Tina to give a quick cough, and her response was "for real?". She made it through though!

He also gave the ok for TJ to get discharged from the ICU, and finally get into a room, which was awesome...but after the initial rejoicing, we got bad news. No rooms are available. So much for being a big hospital :) Our current nurse hinted that it was actually they didn't have any nurses for the rooms they have, but who knows. Hopefully we can just get her out of this dark cave soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates Todd!

Glad to hear Tina's doing better today. CB and I will try to stop by later this week, once she is well enough to see visitors.

CB said...

Glad to hear she is doing better than yesterday. Let's hope you get a room sometime very soon. Just let us know when Tina is up for a visit.

I hope you, Rick, Rose and Teya are all doing well considering the lack of sleep and shuffling around. Please take care of yourselves as well! :-)

Anonymous said...

"for real?" Oh,'re too funny!

Hoping you get that room tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Todd -- we are so glad that Tina is doing well and that the surgery was a sucess. Keep up the good spirits - and remember that you all are in our prayers!
Jeannie & Scott

Anonymous said...

Please let us know if and when she is ready for visitors.
We are happy to hear she is getting better every day.

Anonymous said...

Thank God Tina is on the road to recovery! We'll keep praying for healing, strength and some peace and quiet! Claudia and Blanca